Minecraft: Holiday Update Coming to Console Edition this Festive Season

Minecraft Festive Update

Mojang’s Minecraft is one of the most played video games out there today.

The sandbox block-building and survival title, originally PC sensation, is now on several platforms which include Xbox One, PS4, Wii U as well as mobile devices, Android, iPhone and Windows 10.

Minecraft has enjoyed success on PCs with over 100 million copies sold in totality, all platforms included. The developing team is now working around the clock to bring more features to these peripheral platforms as well. The latest versions for Xbox One and PS4 are CU34 and 1.37 respectively following an update on October 25.Then, it was alleged that the October patch would be the last this year. Not really, according to Microsoft’s Jeff Rivait, the developing team has been working on the year’s biggest Minecraft console update and it’s named Holiday Update.The patch is expected to land sometime in December according to the developer’s announcement last month.

Minecraft Holiday Update

The latest Minecraft update was packed with lots of goodies from adding support for the recently added Expansion Packs to new features and several of bug fixes. The patch featured addition of a host of functions, notably among them; Campfire Tales Skin Pack, Halloween Battle Pack and a Battle Map Pack 4. Barely two months have elapsed since the gaming community received the update and now they are in for another fascinating treat. The upcoming December update has been dubbed the biggest update to have graced the console community since it will elevate the platform to the same level as the PC edition.

Minecraft’s developer is yet to announce further details including the official release date. However, the game’s diehards should expect a considerable number of new additions along with the usual bug fixes.A peek of what gamers should expect has been released though in depth information will be out this month. Up to now gamers should expect the Holiday Patch to add;

  • Elytra item that will allow players to fly
  • New enemies (Shulker) to the mobs
  • Tutorial World
  • An overhauled world generation, extension of End and additional End cities alongside Chorus trees
  • Purpur Pillar, Purpur Block, Purpur Stairs and Purpur Slab
  • Lingering Potions
  • A couple of items, Dragon Breath, Popped Chorus Fruit etc.
  • A revamped menu

After Minecraft Holiday Update, Xbox One edition will be standing at version CU35 while PlayStation 4 will now be updated to 1.38.As already said the update will be rolling out late this month and the console community will be walking into festive season shoulders high.

Minecraft Festive Update

Minecraft has evolved a lot since its inception, the game offers a platform for gamers to demonstrate their creativity in the gameplay and some have done awesome work. For instance, a player has reportedly spent five years building a castle and as expected the outcome is incredible.

With such a milestone, a lot is expected of the forthcoming December update. The October 25 patch was considerable to wrap off this year but it is the pending update that is expected to be the biggest as it is expected to give to consoles all features in the PC Minecraft version.

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