Samsung Galaxy S8 Leaks Point Towards Harman Stereo Speakers      

Samsung Galaxy S8 is the most anticipated smartphone of Q1 2017 as many look at it as the phone that will save the South Korean tech giant from its Galaxy Note 7 woes.

The company is reportedly working on different technologies that will see Samsung Galaxy S8 emerge as a top handset with all the qualities needed in a flagship handset. One area that the tech giant gas lagged behind is the audio quality – an area that has now been taken over by the LG V20 with its Quad DAC stereo speakers, but it seems the crown won’t last for long as Samsung is reportedly looking to equip the Galaxy S8 with very powerful stereo speakers as well.

Samsung Galaxy S8
Samsung recently acquired Herman International Industries and given this move, it is no surprise that such a rumor is already out. Of course, the main focus of Herman is on connected car technologies, however, the same company has audio brands such as JBL and Harman Kardon – brands that Samsung Galaxy S8 is set to benefit a lot from.

The audio business that Harman Industries boasts is exactly what Samsung needs for its upcoming flagship to make it a standout handset, something that the company already acknowledged in a press release following the purchase of the company.

Samsung’s closest rival, Apple, already introduced stereo speakers on the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, but for sure, this is an area that Samsung can improve on as far as the Galaxy S8 is concerned. This is especially since the implementation of the technology by Apple is not the best, where it basically comes with one speaker and uses the earpiece as the second speaker. If Samsung Galaxy S8 manages to come with a better implementation of stereo speakers, it would be the first point it wins against the magnificent iPhone 7.

Galaxy S8

Other players such as HTC and ZTE have proved that devices with front-facing speakers are the best when it comes to audio experiences – this is what Samsung Galaxy S7 needs in order to get the better of its predecessor as well as competitors.

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