Samsung Galaxy S8 May Feature Snapdragon 830 with 10 Nanometer Technology

Galaxy S8 Snapdragon 830 Feature

The Samsung Galaxy S8 now is the most expected smartphone in the world, as the immediate future of Samsung probably hinges on this device.

After the failure of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, this model is expected to be fast tracked and packed with a lot of features. More importantly, Samsung will be paying a lot of attention to the quality of the device in order to avoid any such issues faced with the Galaxy Note 7. Samsung has just been caught in the process of manufacturing a new processor based on the 10 nm technology.

Galaxy S8 Snapdragon 830 Feature

Samsung will be the first manufacturer to develop this processor, which is likely to be available on the next Galaxy S model. It has already been rumored that the Samsung Galaxy S8 may come with a 4K display. It certainly will not be the 1st to sport a 4K display panel with the credit going to the Sony Xperia Z5 Premium. However, the Sony device did not offer full 4K resolution at all times due to concerns about battery life. The Galaxy S8 looks set to offer full 4K resolution by virtue of coming with a very efficient processor.

The use of 10 nm technology to build the next processor is expected to make the processor efficient by around 40% in terms of power and a 20% more in terms of processing speeds. The substantial reduction in terms of power usage is expected to be utilized elsewhere – more specifically the display panel. It is quite possible that this processor is being built for the Qualcomm snapdragon range. Samsung and Qualcomm have had a great relationship which goes back to a long time. The former has been building the snapdragon 820 processor, which is the fastest available from Qualcomm till date.

Snapdragon 830

The new 10 nm technology on a new processor is expected to make its way in the snapdragon 830 processor, which may come out in 2017. The Samsung Galaxy S8 may very well be sold with the snapdragon 830 processor in the North American market while the rest of the world will be receiving the Exynos 8895. The latter is reportedly faster than the snapdragon 830 and one of the primary reasons behind Samsung seriously considering a 4K display panel on the Galaxy S8.

If under normal circumstances, the Galaxy S8 would be coming out in February at the Mobile World Congress. Now, the device may be fast tracked for an early launch.

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