Sony Xperia X, XA, and Performance Get More Price Cuts

Sony Xperia

Amazon has once again slashed prices on the Sony Xperia range, which has made the phones even more attractive.

Over the past one week, several Sony phones – primarily the Sony Xperia X – have seen a wide range of price cuts. After having recently dropped below the $400 figure, it was seen as the final price drop for the Xperia X. The phone was available for $389 from several retailers only a few days ago. The price of this device has now dropped to an astonishing $350 from Amazon. This time around, the Sony Xperia X is not the only device to receive price cuts as the Sony Xperia X Performance and Sony Xperia XA also join the list.

Sony Xperia X, XA, and Performance

At just $199, the Sony Xperia XA is the cheapest of the bunch. The North America is one of the few regions in the world where mid-range Sony devices are going to be available from here on. The company has made it a priority to concentrate only on the higher end models in many markets across the world. Branded as one of the high-end devices from the company, the Sony Xperia X Performance now comes in at $499.

Even though the design cues of the Sony Xperia X Performance may be similar to the already seen Xperia smartphones, it comes with a large number of improvements in every area to provide a complete package especially at this price. There is a 5 inch 1080p display which offers all the elements of a Sony product like Triluminos technology and X-Reality Engine. Even though the screen may lack 4K resolution, Sony has proven to be capable of 4K display panels on the smartphone. It is only that the 5-inch screen does not require such high resolution, as it would severely compromise battery life.

Sony Xperia

Over the years, Sony may have silently gone down on the two-day battery life promotions and it seems to be the case with the Sony Xperia X Performance. It 2700 mAh battery is a cause of concern on such a large phone with a snapdragon 820 processor, but the presence of fast charging feature comes to save the phones skin. The Sony Xperia X Performance is available in four colors – lime gold, rose gold, black, and white – in all markets across the world. The Sony Xperia X Performance is one of the first products from Sony to feature a fingerprint sensor, but it is already one of the fastest in the business.

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