Samsung Galaxy S8 to Offer Improved Cameras and Artificial Intelligence

Galaxy S8 Artificial Intelligence

The Samsung Galaxy S7 has one of the best smartphone cameras around.

The 12-megapixel camera in the rear of the device may not be able to win the megapixel war that took place in the smartphone segment a few years ago, but it is able to excel in almost any lighting condition thanks to its f/1.7 aperture lens. The camera especially excels when it comes to low light conditions. Just when it seemed that the camera cannot be improved any further, the arrival of the Google Pixel and the Google Pixel XL has changed the dynamics once again.

Galaxy S8 Artificial Intelligence

The importance of the Samsung Galaxy S8 has enhanced after the Galaxy Note 7 being pulled off within weeks of going on sale. After suggestions of the phone being available earlier than scheduled have effectively been dismissed, the latest rumors have indicated that the device would have a 4K display panel along with a powerful processor to make it go live. The display and processor are not the only elements that will be improved. Samsung’s mobile-communications vice president has now confirmed that the Galaxy S8 will feature a camera that is much better and with a slicker design.

Unlike some of the numerous smartphones available in the market, the Samsung Galaxy S7 does not have a big camera hump that affects day to day usage. It is not clear how the company plans to improve on the Galaxy S8’s camera. The aperture size is unlikely to be increased any further than the f/1.7 as it would seriously hinder the phone’s ability to perform in daylight conditions. However, there is a possibility of the Galaxy S8 on adopting the dual camera setup just like on the Apple iPhone 7 Plus. The dual cameras allow the iPhone 7 Plus to offer excellent results when it comes to depth of field in the portrait mode.

Samsung Galaxy S7

While the camera is set to receive a major bump, the company also confirmed that the Galaxy S8 would feature much improved artificial intelligence. Samsung has gone quiet about the much hyped S Voice in recent years. This may be down to the lack of improvement in this regard. Apple has been leading the race with the Siri, but Google has just arrived with a slicker Google Assistant. Samsung recently acquired a start-up created by the Siri developers, Viv labs. Samsung did not confirm whether this company was behind enhancing the artificial intelligence on the upcoming Galaxy S8.

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