Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Releasing August 2017- Getting Ahead of Apple iPhone 8

Apple iPhone 8

It is rumored that Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will release in August 2017, getting ahead of the iPhone 8, expected to be revealed in September.

Release of S8 could be postponed

There are rumors that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will be released in a separate event held in April, and not in the MWC or Mobile World Congress being held in February, in Barcelona. This could mean that the flagship device usually released by Samsung during the fall could also be postponed.

samsung galaxy s8

Taking it Slow

It is rumored that Samsung will go slow with the release of most of the flagship devices in the coming year. It may then have to compete with Apple’s iPhone 8, as this is the tenth anniversary offering from the company. It will probably be released as usual in the month of September in 2017. This will lead to a head to head competition between the Galaxy S8 and Apple’s iPhone 8.

Impact of Galaxy Note 7

When asked for the reasons to postpone the release of the Galaxy S8, Samsung officials have stated that future releases of the company’s devices had been determined even before the ill fated Galaxy Note 7 had been announced. A special plan has been created for the release of the Galaxy S8 and it was not possible to change this date. In addition, they were not able to offer any information on any specific release date.

First of Its Kind

This is an unprecedented move on the part of Samsung, as it the company usually releases its flagship device in February in the MWC. Recently, Samsung has followed a quicker development cycle, so that devices reach the market as soon as they are announced. For instance, the Galaxy S7 and the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge were revealed in March this year, which is the earliest for Samsung devices.

Normally, Samsung devices hit the shelves by April. If the launch itself is in April, the devices will actually be available in the stores only a month later in May, inspite of quicker development cycles.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

However, Samsung might not be able to have so much flexibility in the release date of its Galaxy Note 8. Note devices from the company are usually announced in September, in the IFA conference held in Berlin. The Note devices are then available in the stores either in late September or in the middle of October. Last year and also this year, Samsung pushed the launch of the Galaxy Note as well as its smartwatches to August. This way, the devices were in the market before the launch of the iPhones.

Ahead of iPhone 8

Apple iPhone 8

The summer might prove to be too short a window for launching the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. It will have to be released before the iPhone 8, which usually comes in September. An alternative for the company is to launch its Galaxy Note 8 alongside the iPhone 8. However, this also seems unlikely, as Samsung would like to target the prospective users of the iPhone 8, a little ahead of Apple’s announcement.

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