Apple Patents Show Night Shift, 3D Maps, Smart Keyboard and Stain-Free iPad Cover in the Works

Apple Patent

Apple has been granted 70 different patents for several inventions including 3D maps, Smart keyboard connector, Security attachment, and Night shift.

Apple has always led the race when it comes to patents and it is no surprise that they have decided to apply for a raft of inventions.

Apple Patents

Stain Resistant iPad Cover

A stain free smart cover for iPad is one of the patents that has been given exclusive rights. The 9,527,263 patent is in relation to the company’s ability to introduce a stain proof resin layer on top of the existing cosmetic surface of the covers without actually affecting the feel and look of the surface itself.

Night Shift

Night Shift comes under the 9,530,362 patent and it applies to the way ambient light sensor works with regard to various lighting conditions. The electronic device may come with a huge array of pixels and these may have a control circuitry that is used to control various operations. In the paper model, the circuitry will function in order to store the reflectance data so as to make the screen appear like a printed paper. This element is likely to be the talking point of all the patents applied.

Night Shift

Low light mode is activated when the ambient light is below a certain level. In such a case, the light from the display may be adjusted in such a way as to display a light source from an incandescent light. In the opposite scenario, the display will be adjusted so as to maximize the readability even in the brightest conditions.

Interaction with 3D Apple Maps

3D Apple maps has been granted the 9,529,440 patent and it applies to the invention of using gestures in order to interact with the 3D map. Gestures have been the big talking point of Apple devices over the last decade and it is no surprise that they are said to make this possible on the 3-D maps. Even though many of the map information may not be as reliable as the Google Maps, it has certainly improved a lot in the recent quarters.

Manipulation of the maps can be done using gestures and these may include actions like zooming, rotating, panning, and much more.

Apple 3D Maps

Other Patents

In addition to the above Apple patents, there were much more including aspects like Smart Keyboard Connector, Color Calibration, Existence of LTE and WLAN in the same radio frequency bands, Survey Techniques for the identification of fingerprint data, Gesture Mapping for the filtering of image through input parameters, Real time streaming, UI tools for commute assistant and GPU throttling.


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