Samsung Galaxy S8 Retailing for as Low as $180 in South Korea thanks to Illegal Subsidies

Samsung Galaxy S8,S8+

The battle for supremacy for South Korean retailers has moved to the next level with regards to the sales of Samsung Galaxy S8.

The new kid on the block is attracting buyers from all angles and so far, retailers want to take full advantage of this demand by all means, including slapping massive discounts and or subsidies that lower the final price of the phone to unimaginable figures.

It is not new for retailer and carriers to come in with subsidies while looking to attract more buyers to new devices in the market. We’ve seen the same happening here in the U.S. with a number of carriers and retailers already throwing some deals for the new Galaxy S8 and LG G6 flagships. However, the few hundred dollars that are being chopped off the two phones stateside are nothing compared to what retailers of the Galaxy S8 are offering in South Korea.

In Samsung’s home country, the Galaxy S8 is supposed to be retailing at 935,000 Won, which is about $825. However, after taking advantage of the legal subsidies that are currently being offered to all buyers of the phone in the country, buyers end up parting with as low as 753,000 won, which translates to about $665.

Samsung Galaxy S8+

Now, given that the new Samsung Galaxy S8 is already selling via several online and offline channels in the country, the number or rather amount of illegal subsidies being offered has been pushed beyond limits. Apparently, some retailers are selling the Galaxy S8 with up to 600,000 won off the normal price, which means you can pick up a brand new S8 for as low as $180 – or even less!

Usually, the country’s communications commission (KCC) monitors the number of new smartphone subscriptions on a daily basis. The KCC has been reporting about 24,000 daily subscriptions and if anything goes out of this “norm”, the commission launches an investigation into the same. Last week, the KCC recorded a massive 28,267 subscriptions in a day.

At the moment, the KCC has halted the tracking of new smartphone subscriptions temporarily, something that is believed to be causing the illegal subsidies’ craze in the country. However, the commission has now threatened to investigate the actions of the retailers involved in these illegal subsidies.