Tesla Now Plans to Record Video Clips of Driver Habits to Develop Self-Driving Technology

Tesla Model

Tesla is known for pushing the electric technology into automobiles and now the company is planning to usher in autonomous technology to make driving a cool experience.

Making cars drive on their own is no easy task as it requires lots of data and each car should be able to communicate with one another to handle the traffic. Tesla, according to a new report will invest to use sensors to collect data on real humans driving habits and collate them into a single database. Recently, the company upgraded the autopilot system used in its cars and also added a new data sharing policy which will allow the sensors to record videos from its surrounding.

Tesla Model X

An official message from Tesla reads, “Our primary goal is to make self-driving a reality and in order to make it possible, we are providing more data to the autonomous driving system in our cars. In order to make it possible, we would request you to allow them cameras to record short video clips which in turn will be provided as feeds to the AI. The videos will help the car understand common things that people come across in the road like street lights, traffic lights, lane change, and positioning of important sign boards.”

All of them when combined together should make the AI much like how humans can read and understand these signs. The company also added that it will allow the self-driving capabilities in the Tesla cars to drastically improve over the years. They added that there is no way for any person or company to look into individual video feeds gathered from a particular car. The content stored is not only encrypted but will never be associated with the particular car from which it is being gathered for assured privacy.

Tesla Model

A couple of automatic features are also rolled out to Model S and Model X which were launched in stores in 2016 or later. The cars with the newest update now has active avoidance system for added safety, primarily programmed to avoid side collisions. The automatic high beam mode will now automatically turn off if there are other cars approaching from the front. While it might sound very trivial, the system helps avoid blind spots and allow those in the front to recognize other cars and steer accordingly. The auto steer system has been improved allowing the car to run efficiently and steer at up to 90mph in high ways and 45 mph in smaller roads.