Samsung Galaxy S8 Teardown Reveals One Disturbing Design Flaw

SAMSUNG galaxy s8 and s8+

There’s no arguing against the fact that Samsung Galaxy S8 and its twin Galaxy S8+ are the most beautiful phones that our eyes have ever seen.

The massive infinity display with nice curves on the left and right edges as well as rounded corners make the Galaxy S8 and S8+ real beauties. However, a recent report coming in courtesy of iFixit has delivered what might just be a major design flaw from the South Korean tech giant.

Doing what they do best, folks at iFixit have torn apart the new Samsung Galaxy S8 in a bid to give us a clear picture of what the phone is like from the inside. To their surprise, it appears that the flagship has one disturbing issue – it’s not easy to repair as many would wish it to be. The platform gave the handset a score of just 4 out of a possible 10 when put on its reparability scale.

Given that a score of 10 means the device is easiest to repair, this definitely shows that Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ are not your type if you are a DIY kinda person. The glass material used on both the front and back panels makes it vulnerable to cracks. It gets even worse when it comes to separating the two glass panels – the adhesive that holds them in place is so strong and taking it apart might damage the device. The experts also note that the curved display screen might be easily damaged when replacing the front glass panel.

SAMSUNG galaxy s8 and s8+

In short, taking the case of repairing your Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8+ in your own hands might leave you with even more costs. In addition, the small savings you’d have made from carrying out minor repairs on your own will be no more, which adds to the fact that the S8 ($750) and S8+ ($850) are the most expensive Galaxy S series phones, yet.

On the brighter side, the folks at iFixit noted that Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ ship with many modular components, which means they can be replaced independently. But as noted earlier, accessing these components is not easy due to the tough adhesive that joins the panels housing them.

For more of what really happened during the Galaxy S8 and S8+ teardown, make sure you hit the source link below.