Some Google Pixel XL users are “Accidentally” Getting May Android Security Patch

Google Pixel XL

Google is continuously becoming unable to tell between its beta testers and mainstream customers, with the latest Pixel XL update coming in after similar incidents happened last month and last year.

In 2016, at a time when just about every Google Nexus 6P user was eagerly waiting for an update to Android 7.0 Nougat, the tech giant made a huge mistake by accidentally releasing an internal build of the OS to some Nexus 6P users well ahead of the official release. Just last month, the same happened with an unfinished Google Drive for Windows update that was once again accidentally rolled out to several users, who were left with a broken Drive.

Now, in the latest developments, the tech company has repeated the same mistake by rolling out a Google Pixel XL update that is termed as “Confidential” and meant for internal use only by Googlers. The update carries the monthly security patch for the month of May, which is still over a week away from official release.

Google Pixel XL

Looking at the message, it is obvious that the Pixel XL update is meant for internal use as the company has given strict instructions that none of the details about the update may be discussed externally. The update is a typical monthly security patch, weighing at just 62.3MB and is based on the latest Android 7.1.2 Nougat. The update also comes with a new build number N2G470, but there is no detailed changelog.

Apparently, Android Police notes that some Google Pixel XL users are reporting a new UI in the Play Store, however, this does not seem to be specific to this update as some commenters note. The new UI is probably already there, with a mere refresh of the app needed to bring it to life.

Have you received this “confidential” update on your Google Pixel XL phone? Let us know in your comments below.