Samsung Galaxy S8 vs. Galaxy S7 – What the Rumor Mills Say

Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S8 will not be here until 2017, but stories of the phone are already all over the web at a time when the Galaxy S7 is doing marvelously in the smartphone industry.

Just like the months that followed the release of Samsung Galaxy S7, rumors and leaks are already flooding the internet with respect to the Galaxy S8. As mentioned, the handset will be here in 2017, but we already know a few things about this phone. Of course, everyone expects a Galaxy S8 that is much more improved and enhanced over the Galaxy S7, much more than the latter was when compared to the Galaxy S6. But to what extent will Samsung be willing to go? Let’s take a look at what the rumor mills have to say.

Design and display

Samsung made some slight design changes on the Galaxy S7 with respect to the Galaxy S6, with the argument that the best of design changes will be coming in 2017. Despite this, the Korean tech giant will definitely want to keep up with its already proven and winning design of metal and glass.

If this happens, Samsung Galaxy S8 will be very similar to Galaxy S7 and S6, complete with the curved metal design and a lean finish. Despite this similarity in the design language, there are reports pointing towards a larger 5.5-inch Galaxy S8, which will be a significant jump from the current 5.1-inch display size. There is no doubt that smartphone usage has changed, with more people looking into devices with large screens. However, this shouldn’t be enough to make Samsung make such a drastic choice. We’ve seen Apple move to huge screens, but later on reverted to the 4-inch size due to demand. This is a path Samsung doesn’t want to take, especially following the success the Galaxy S7 has seen in the market.

Samsung Galaxy S8

In short, we hope that this rumor is not true and that it is only the Galaxy S8 Edge that will carry a 5.5-inch screen size with the Galaxy S8 retaining the standard 5.1-inch screen size. You can also expect the company to keep the IP certification that has made the Galaxy S7 such a hit, but perhaps improve the water and dust resistance capabilities of the handset. Samsung might also make the jump from 2K resolutions to 4K resolutions for better VR experiences, but this is highly unlikely.

The Galaxy S6 was an excellent device, but it lacked one thing that has made Samsung what it is – support for expandable storage. This mistake was corrected with the release of Galaxy S7 and next year’s Galaxy S8 is also expected to retain it.

Performance, camera and battery life

With very minimal improvements coming on the outside, Samsung focused the main changes on the inside of the Galaxy S7 with respect to the S6. There is a better and faster Snapdragon 820/Exynos 8890 SoC that deliver smooth performances all throughout. Expect the Galaxy S8 to beat any of these two in terms of performance, especially with rumors that the handset could come with a RAM of between 6GB and 8GB, potentially doubling the 4GB available on the current flagship.

In terms of photography, Samsung Galaxy S7 has been hailed as the king of 2016 even before the year comes to an end. It packs a 12MP DualPixel snapper at the back with an aperture of f/1.7 and all goodies you can expect to find in a flagship smartphone camera. Some rumors have it that the handset will include a dual-lens camera setup similar to the LG G5 and Huawei P9. But the functionality of the camera cannot be determined at the moment. In fact, it is not even known if Samsung Galaxy S8 will indeed come with a dual-lens camera system since this just based on rumors.

Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge

As for the battery capacity, be sure to get improvements over the current 3000mAh in case the device comes with a larger display screen. However, don’t be surprised if Samsung sticks with the same battery size, but with more software and hardware optimizations to improve the battery life.

As noted earlier, Samsung Galaxy S8 is expected in early 2017 and as usual, it will be a mega upgrade over the current Galaxy S7.

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