Samsung Galaxy S8’s Artificial Intelligence Might Be Similar to Google Assistant

Galaxy S8

Samsung recently confirmed that it was working on an artificial intelligence for the Samsung Galaxy S8, which is expected to make its debut at the start of 2017.

Samsung needs this device to be a hit at all costs. They have been rumored on working on several elements like using a 4K display, excellent VR capabilities, and a snapdragon 830 processor manufactured using the 10 nanometer process for more efficiency. Amongst all these elements, the company went on to officially stated that they would offer artificial intelligence on the Galaxy S8. More details on this element have just been opened up by Samsung.

samsung galaxy s8

It appears that the Samsung Galaxy S8 would come with an artificial intelligence similar to the Google Assistant. Launched with the Google Pixel and the Google Pixel XL, the Google Assistant has received a lot of praise for taking this technology to the next level. Siri may have introduced the world of voice control a few years ago, but Google has been making great progress in this regard of late. Samsung’s version of artificial intelligence on the Galaxy S8 is set to be available on one of their apps.

Infamous for numerous failed projects like the Samsung Link, which was recently put down, the company will have to come up with something special on the Galaxy S8 if it wants to take on the Google Assistant. Samsung claims that the AI feature would be able to integrate several elements of the day-to-day usage under one roof. Rather than go through a booking process for a pizza on an entirely different app, the South Korean company claims that the user will be able to do this under Samsung Artificial Intelligence window.

Hence, Samsung has planning to make it an open platform rather than closed as in the case of voice based assistance systems available now. In order to do so, Samsung will be working closely with major third-party apps while other apps will also be capable of using the platform to offer their services. The company goes on to claim that the system will be intelligent enough to learn based on the usage.

Galaxy S8

So far, one of the headline making rumors with regard to the Samsung Galaxy S8 has been the use of a 4K display panel rather than the 2K resolution screens found now. This coupled with a snapdragon 830 processor would enable the phone to excel in VR functionality.

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