Samsung Galaxy S8 to Support Amazing VR Experience with 4K Display

samsung galaxy s8

Samsung has reportedly been working heavily on coming out with the Samsung Galaxy S8 slightly earlier than planned.

The device was set to come only in February during the Mobile World Congress, but the fiasco surrounding the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 seems to have accelerated the development work surrounding the phone. According to rumors, the South Korean company are keen on making a major statement with the Galaxy S8. After having had remarkable response to the VR headsets on the Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 Edge, Samsung is keen on making the Galaxy S8 one of the best to support a VR headset.

samsung galaxy s8

The phone will offer a new processor made by Samsung if reports are to believed. A Exynos 8895 processor is set to be at the heart of the device. Aided by a Mali-G71 GPU, this processor has reportedly been setting benchmarks on fire. The Samsung Galaxy S7 already uses one of the fastest GPUs around, but even that is not enough for the kind of technology that Samsung is planning on the Galaxy S8.

The phone is reportedly set to come with a 4K display panel. Even though it may not be the first phone to do so, the Galaxy S8 would more than make up for it with VR headset support. In order to run the 4K panels at its best, Samsung has to offer class leading performance and this is exactly what the Exynos 8895 seems to have delivered. The Mali-G71 GPU is reportedly 1.8 times faster than the compatriot found on the Galaxy S7. This is a significant jump and one that is likely to make the Exynos 8895 faster than the equivalent snapdragon 830 processor.

Galaxy S8 4K Display

It must be interesting to note that the snapdragon 830 chipset has not arrived yet and it may be a considerable amount of time before it actually arrives. The Samsung Galaxy S8 is about to come with a 5.1 inch or 5.5-inch screen. However, there is every possibility that the Galaxy Note 7 philosophy of launching the phone with only a curved display may be applied in the case of the Galaxy S8 too. One of the factors that may prevent such a possibility is that the Galaxy S8 with a 5.5-inch display may cannibalize sales of the Galaxy Note 7 much earlier than expected.

Samsung would want to retain consumer interest in the Galaxy Note 7 at least for another eight months.

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