WhatsApp 4G? Beware, It’s a Scam!

WhatsApp 4G

While WhatsApp may be at an advantage for being the world’s most-used messaging application, this popularity also comes at a cost.

When you are popular online, the obvious result is that you become an easy target for hackers. WhatsApp has fallen victim of these scams on many occasions and despite the security measures employed by the Facebook-owned app, there are still more scams coming up each passing day. We have seen the likes of WhatsApp Blue and WhatsApp Gold, all of which were scams.

Now, the latest to come around is WhatsApp 4G, another scam that is similarly promising to offer better modifications in addition to cooler features that are not available on the original WhatsApp. Among the features WhatsApp 4G reportedly brings include the ability to make free video calls as well as sending private messages that do not disclose your phone number. This is an easy way to lure users of the app to jump to this version, especially with the knowledge that video calling is a feature most of them are eagerly waiting for.

A lot of the promises from WhatsApp 4G appear too good to be true and for sure, they are. The app asks you to share with 15 of your friends when you try to install it, which further confirms its malicious nature. If you come across this application, be warned that it is not in any way associated to the Facebook-owned WhatsApp. Do not install it on your phone for it is a malicious file.

WhatsApp 4G

Nonetheless, proceeding with the installation of the said WhatsApp 4G will not lead you to any app. You will only send invites to 15 friends, which will be sent as WhatsApp messages bearing the app’s scheme. This will only be satisfying the intentions of the scammer as the hoax will have spread further to another 15 people.

It is recommended that you visit the official Google Play Store or Apple App Store when you want to download and install a new version of WhatsApp, unless you are so sure with the source of your installation files.

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