Samsung Galaxy Z2 Specifications Revealed through Official Video

Galaxy Z2

Samsung has been making quite a lot of progress with regard to smartphones with its own Tizen operating system.

Even though these phones have been set aside only for a few regions in the world, they have been quite popular in the markets where they have been sold. A clear sign is Samsung’s interest when it comes to launching the next Tizen powered smartphone – Samsung Galaxy Z2. The specifications of the device have just become official. Although not comprehensive, Samsung released information about the features and specifications of the device through an official video.

Several aspects of the Samsung Galaxy Z2 have been rumored for quite a while. The first aspect focused by these rumors is the display size, which could either be a 3.97-inch screen or a 4.5 inch display. At this moment, even the video released by Samsung does not focus on this aspect. Instead, it only reveals that the phone will come with a 1.5 GHz processor with four cores and a five-megapixel camera. These are clearly mid-range specifications, but Samsung feel that they can place the device even more lower than the android counterparts due to the slightly less requirements for the Tizen operating system.

Samsung Galaxy Z2

The five-megapixel camera does seem to be limited for the rear shooter, as the front facing camera will only have a VGA sensor. It remains to be seen if customers will accept the presence of a video camera at a time when even the entry-level smartphones havetwo-megapixel front cameras. The phone is expected to have a slightly smaller 1800 mAh or 2000 mAh battery, but one that will be good enough for an entire day given the relatively small screen size and power requirements of the processor.

The rear camera will have flash and one of the cool new aspects of the Samsung Galaxy Z2 will be the ability to adjust the brightness of the flash. It is a customization feature that even high-end smartphones do not seem to offer. One of the first regions where the Samsung Galaxy Z2 will make its presence felt is the Indian market. Samsung is offering India exclusive apps for money transfer with plans to offer similar options in other markets. At a price of around $ 150, one of the biggest advantages of the Samsung Galaxy Z2 will be support for 4G LTE networks.

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