Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro and Gear Fit2 Get New UI and Can Now Easily Connect to Your Smartphone

Gear Fit2

Samsung has announced that they are bringing a big software update for the Gear Fit2 Pro and the Gear Fit2 making it easier for its users to achieve their fitness goals.

After all, when you buy a fitness band, you would obviously expect it to help you monitor your diet, your sleeping pattern, exercising schedule and so on. The developers after a short delay have managed to bring all the necessary features to make the Gear Fit2 a complete, reliable fitness band for everyone.

Gear Fit2 Pro samsung

Fully Revamped User Interface

With limited screen space, it’s not easy to cram so much content into the Gear Fit2 Pro or the Fit2 band. In the official Samsung blog, the company has announced that they are revamping the entire user interface to provide a quick view of what you are up to while working out.

Instead of smothering you with too much data, the workout screen on the band will now be split into three horizontal sections. Each one of them can be programmed to display a specific data, such as time spent, calories burned or distance traveled. You can even monitor your heart rate and set it in the display area.

Gear Fit2 Pro ios

Seamless Integration with Your Smartphone

Any fitness band for that matter including the Gear Fit2 Pro is useful only when you are able to browse through your workout and diet statistics on a smartphone. With the latest software update, your band should now be able to seamlessly connect with the Samsung Health app on your iOS and Android devices.

The statistics displayed will be split into two major categories, one of them is weight management while the other one is a fitness program. When you switch to the weight management interface, you will gain access to data including calories consumed, calories burned, the amount and type of food you have opted for in a particular day and so on.

The fitness program works differently as it can connect your smartphone and TV to keep track of the exercise related stuff you watch to include that in your routine. The seamless integration should allow the Gear Fit2 band users to precisely keep track of their lifestyle while pushing them towards their fitness goals.

Gear Fit2 Pro

Pre-defined Workout Programs

The revamped user interface also brings in new widgets which allows you to store your favorite exercises and go back to them with a single tap. A Health Summary widget is also now available for the GearFit2 Pro and GearFit 2 allowing you to go through the exercises you have successfully completed in a day.

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  1. Update made my Gear Fit 2 useless. Gear plugin crashes every 30 seconds and drains a full watch battery in 3 hours and my phone in about 4. I’m not the only one. The forums are filled with users having the same issue. Does Samsung test before pushing out?!

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