Alleged Samsung Galaxy S9 Mini (SM-G8750) with 4GB RAM and Snapdragon 660 Appears in Geekbench

Galaxy S9 Mini

Samsung might just launch a Mini version of their celebrated flagship model the Galaxy S9.

The latest rumors suggest that the company is planning to launch the Galaxy S9 Mini which will be smaller in size, sport a mid-range processor and will be priced just right to attract more buyers.

Every year, Samsung fans and the industry never fail to report that a mini version of the flagship models such as the Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S8 are coming. These phones never made their way into the market but in 2018, it just might change if we are to go by this latest update.

Galaxy S9 Mini Hardware Specifications

The rumored S9 Mini goes by the model number SM-G8750. The phone is currently being tested in China and will sport a mid-range Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 processor. The device will have 4GB of RAM as can be seen from Geekbench.

Smaller 5-inch Bezel-Less Display

Samsung has made some visually appealing smartphones in the past two years made possible by their Infinity bezel-less displays. For the first time, the company might experiment the design aesthetics with a smaller 5-inch display on the Samsung Galaxy S9 Mini.

If proven successful, the model might encourage a lot of other manufacturers to get onboard and focus on compact smartphones at an affordable price range. Sony does it with their Compact series of phones and maybe a Google Pixel Mini might join the lineup soon.

S9 Mini

GeekBench Performance Sheet

According to the GeekBench listing, the Samsung Galaxy S9 Mini has scored 5955 in multi-core test and 1619 single-core test. The performance numbers are pretty similar to the iPhone 7 and Nokia 7 Plus. Samsung didn’t officially launch the S9 Mini when they launched the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus.

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We can, however, speculate based on the model number, the specifications and the long-running rumor that Samsung was planning a mini version of their flagship model for many years.

S9 Mini or an Unannounced Model?

The model number SM-G8750 is not directly associated with the S9 Mini but as it doesn’t refer to any confirmed models, it is being expected to the flagship’s compact variant. Could this be an entirely new phone yet to be revealed but not the S9 Mini? It could be!

Galaxy S9 Mini Pricing

The Galaxy S9 Mini, even though not confirmed yet, is rumored to be in production and is being tested in the Chinese market. Based on the hardware specs, the model could be priced around $500 which will make it a heavy competitor for the insanely successful OnePlus 5T in the mid-range segment.

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