Samsung Implements Rigorous 8 Point Battery Testing : Repairing its Reputation

Samsung 8 Point Battery Testing

After the incendiary Galaxy Note 7 debacle, Samsung aims at renewing its commitment to fans by implementing an 8 step battery checking program.

The new and enhanced safety checks will ensure that the device is safe, right from the components to the device assembly and shipping.

The main cause behind the incendiary Galaxy Note 7 devices has been found to be defective batteries. In a bid to control this problem, Samsung has formulated a rigorous battery check up protocol for its upcoming devices.

Samsung 8 Point Battery Testing

Quality Control in Place

After the Galaxy Note 7 issues, Samsung has put into place strict protocols for quality control and assurance. The new protocol will span the whole developmental process, in a bid to reassure fans and customers that the company is committed to offering safe devices.

What the Check Includes

The new check consists of enhanced measures for checking durability and a visual inspection. There will also be x ray tests and a disassembling test along with an OCT test. Other additional measures will include test for charge and discharge, a TVOC testing and an Accelerated Usage testing.

Strict Standards

The above protocol will put into place several layers of security measures on all aspects and components of Samsung devices. The test will include the materials being used, the design, the strength of the hardware, its abilities. The company will also make use of enhanced algorithms for the software, so that the battery remains safe.

Durability Tests

The durability test will be a rigorous one, including driving nails through the battery in order to check out its strength. The cell will be put through extreme temperatures as well. In short, the company is planning to push the battery to its limits, in order to check out the response. There will be tests for discharge or leaks in the battery as well. Checks will be done to see if thee are any changes in the voltage.

Battery Advice

More importantly, Samsung has created a group for battery advice, made up of external advisers, consisting of experts in the field of academics and research. This has been done in a bid to ensure that Samsung retains a clear view of its battery safety measures along with innovation. The members consist of Clare Grey, a Ph.D Chemistry Professor, Gerbrand Ceder, a Ph.D Professor in Materials Science from UC Berkeley, along with several other eminent Professors and consultants.

Samsung Safety Measures Multi Layer

Providing Reassurance

Samsung hopes that with all these precautionary measures in place, there will be an opportunity for providing enhanced safety for the lithium ion batteries. This will offer safety not only for the company devices but also for the whole industry, as it plans to share the lessons learned to others, in a bid to improve standards of safety in mobile devices.

It is very obvious to customers that the testing procedures put in place earlier were not sufficient to pinpoint the issue with the incendiary Galaxy Note 7 devices. The new tests will be put into place with the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 devices. This will make fans and consumers feel safer and reassure them about the safety of the new device from Samsung.


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