Lineage OS Portal Now Live : A New Beginning for CyanogenMod

Lineage OS

Lineage OS has become the official successor to the extinct CyanogenMod, offering a place for downloading a customized ROM for Android phones and devices.

Lineage OS has taken some time for setting up the new sites, but it has been worth waiting for Android fans. CyaogenMod was initially started as an open source project for custom Android, being a non-profit venture that was driven by the community. It was founded with the aim of selling custom Android based on CyanogenMod, namely CyanogenOS for device OEMs. Steve Kondik founded the Cyanogen Company.


CyanogenMod No More

CyanogenMod no longer exists and it will be terminating all operations and its services by the end of 2017. Users cannot access the website nor can they hack it, though it has been promised that people can still use the nightly builds. However, there is good news, as the team will continue the legacy with a new name, the Lineage OS. The new website has been officially launched now and aims at continuing the legacy of the CyanogenMod. LIneage OS will also be community driven.

Live Download Portal

Lineage OS has been officially announced as live and operational on the websites, so those interested can begin downloading the ROMs they want to. The download portal, the install statistics page as well as the Wiki have all gone live. The three sites are open source ones, so users can offer their contributions through the Gerrit instance, according to an official statement from the people behind the Lineage OS.

The sites don’t have much in it as of now, but there will be more content as well as design, with an improvement in the free services provided to Android fans. The site will also offer support for more than 80 Marshmallow as well as Nougat devices and the list will soon be published.

Upgrading from CyanogenMod

The root will not be baked on the ROM in case of the new Lineage OS, so users will have to download the install, which is the same as the gapps installation. Moreover, all builds that have been released by the Lineage OS are signed with private keys to provide authentication as well as control for signature permissions.

There is also an experimental build for data migration, released by Lineage OS for those who want to upgrade from the now defunct CyanogenMod. This build is an experimental one and is meant for those who wish to upgrade from the CyanogenMod to the weekly-based Lineage OS. In addition, it Lineage OS will also offer the regular releases for different devices on a weekly basis.

Lineage OS

How it Works

In short, if users want to install a new ROM, they have to first install the tool of the new experimental migration over the CyanogenMod 13.0 or the CyanogenMOd 14.1. They must then reboot and install the new weekly build of Lineage OS.

They will not be able to merely install Lineage OS 13.0 over the CyanogenMod 14.1. The option for upgrading from CyanogenMod to the new Lineage OS will only be available for a specified period of two months, after which it will be removed.

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