Samsung is Working on a Standalone Bixby Supported Earphone for Galaxy Note 8

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Samsung is going to push the bar higher as the company has planned to create a standalone earphone which will support Bixby voice assistant.

In theory, the earphone will be able to carry out tasks on the upcoming Galaxy Note 8 smartphone even when it is not near.

Bixby is the competitor for Microsoft’s Cortana and Apple’s own Siri. While the other two are years ahead in terms of versatility, functionality and the way they have been incorporated in so many other devices owned by these companies, Samsung is very new to the scenario. The company is yet to prove their mettle in proving people that Bixby is an equally powerful voice AI assistant that can get you task done quickly and more efficiently.

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In laymen terms, the AI assistant should be able to help you book tickets, notify you of an upcoming event, create alarm and take instant notes on an app. All of this can be done without having to lift a finger because it is carried out with voice commands. The act will largely simplify your every day work especially when it is incorporated into an earphone.

Bixby samsung Galaxy Note 8

However, while everything sounds amazing on paper Samsung is unsure whether they will be able todeliver the earphone along with the Galaxy Note 8 when it gets released. The peripheral is still under production and they are making changes so that it would support Bixby out of the box without any issues. Besides, the ability to function on its own even if the phone is not near, the earphone will support noise cancelling so that you can use it in a subway, a noisy crowded street or while riding the train which is want an average customer would expect from an in-earphone

Standalone Bixby samsung Galaxy Note 8

The device will use Bluetooth as its primary connectivity medium. Going by the announcement, it looks like Samsung will use the biggest possible battery so that it runs for long hours without running out of battery and also have an extensive coverage. It is necessary because the earphone should be able to receive commands and implement them on the Galaxy Note 8 model irrespective of its availability. Obviously, you have to keep the phone at least in your bag or in the house because the earphone doesn’t have internet capabilities, at least not yet!

The peripheral is expected to be sold after the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 launch and will first get launched in the United States.

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