Xbox One X Pre-orders to Begin Soon as it Gets FCC Approval

Xbox One X preorder

The hyped 4K console from Microsoft, the Xbox One X will soon be up for pre-orders.

Considering the price tag of the console, it wouldn’t be surprising if a lot of buyers shy away from it.

The developers and the entire team that had worked on building the Xbox One X console are very confident of what they have done with the hardware. Microsoft had supported the idea and pushed it all way to price it at a massive $500. Considering the hardware specifications of the device and how good it can handle 4K at least in select titles, it doesn’t seem like they have overpriced the machine.


Microsoft made the announcement at the E3 2017 event. The console is going to be soon available for pre-orders as confirmed by the FCC approval. Once the approval has been done, the company is free to start selling the machine. The Federal Communications Commission was expected to delay the approval process a lot. In order to keep expectations under control, the company confirmed during the launch that they may not be able to take pre-orders early and it might take some time.

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However, in a recent announcement on Twitter, the Xbox head Phil Spencer confirmed that they have acquired the necessary approvals and it won’t be too long before they get into the next step. The console being a 4K focused device, it could be more of a bundled package that buyers could go for along with a title like Gears of War 4 enhanced edition, Forza Horizon 3 or maybe even a launch title just in time for the holidays.

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Based on the announcement made by him, it is expected that pre-orders could begin in a couple of weeks, at least before the end of August. Unlike the PS4 or the Xbox One S console, the Xbox One X may not instantly sell off the shelves due to its high price tag. Besides, a lot of people don’t own an 4K TV and trying to buy the console without owing the right peripherals would hinder the overall experience.

Microsoft has confirmed that the Xbox One X will be launched in the month of November in the United States just in time for Christmas and New Year Holidays while people in other regions should wait a month or so before stocks are shipped to other countries. The pricing may drastically increase due to import charges, especially for those in Europe, UK and other similar regions.

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