Samsung Could Launch Two Foldable Galaxy Phones in 2017

Samsung Galaxy phone

It is not the first time news of a foldable Samsung Galaxy phone is showing up, but up until now, nothing concrete in the forms of images or renders have been recorded.

But according to the latest reports surfacing from ETNews, 2017 might be the year we finally get to see a foldable dual-screen phone come from the South Korean tech giant. It gets even more interesting as the report adds that Samsung is not working on just one, but two foldable phones, with one set for an early 2017 release.

Apparently, the initial release will see a limited rollout of the foldable Samsung Galaxy phone and if the same report is right, the phone will ship with a design that features two separate flat screens on either side of the hinge dividing them. As for the second foldable Samsung Galaxy phone, you will come across a single flexible OLED display panel, arriving sometime following the release of its dual-screen counterpart.

Samsung Galaxy X

Long before this new report surfaced, there have been rumors suggesting that a foldable Samsung Galaxy X is in the making with a supposed debut in 2017. Well, this rumor has been around for over three years now and if this report is to be believed, we will soon get to see one of these foldable phones come to life, but for now, it is still unclear.

Samsung Galaxy phone

Nonetheless, the report argues that the foldable Samsung Galaxy phone will be launched in early 2017. Whether this will happen alongside the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 or not is unknown, but it would be a welcome idea for Samsung to come in with such an innovative phone at a time when it is trying to erase the bad image left behind by the burning Galaxy Note 7. It has been mooted that Samsung is planning a mega comeback in 2017, who knows, this could be it! Only time will tell, but we’ll be here to follow up the matter and bring you the latest developments regarding this supposed foldable dual-screen phone from Samsung.

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