Samsung Launches Blue Coral Option for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge from November 5 Post Note 7 Debacle

Blue Coral Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Samsung is bringing the S7 Edge in a Blue Coral color option to the Singapore region on November 5th. The company seems to be moving forward after the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 debacle.

Earlier Flagships

The S7 and the S7 Edge are the earlier flagship phones of Samsung and the company is bringing in the Blue Coral option on November 5th. However, there is reason for containing excitement, as the news comes from Singapore and the date of the release might not be applicable for the US.
Blue Coral Samsung Galaxy S7 EdgeOther Announcements

Samsung has also announced that the S7 Edge, 5G+ is also available in Blue Coral in retail stores. The stunning color has also been added to this device., which was previously available in Gold Platinum and in Black Onyx, along with Silver Titanium and also in Pink Gold. The new color option is combined with an improved designed and functionality, all of which is encased in the Blue Coral color.  A new 2016 version, Tab A, 10.1 inches with S Pen was also introduced for the Singapore region.

S7 Edge Only

The company did not mention the S7, so it is possible that the Blue Coral option is applicable only to the Edge variant and not for the Galaxy S7.  However, fans interested in the particular color will be happy that Samsung has confirmed that it is working on this option for the S7 Edge device.

Blue Coral Option in the US

Earlier on this month, there was a leak of an image of the S7 Edge with a Blue Coral rear. When the image was leaked, it was presumed that Verizon would probably announce the new version first. This was expected, as the logo of the Big Red was seen on the casing back quite clearly. However, the leak at least confirms that the S7 Edge with the Blue Coral option will surely come to the US in the near future.

Moving Past Tragedy

The unexpected death of the Note 7 need not be regarded as such a tragedy, as the S7 Edge is still very much around and safe to use. Apart from the additional S Pen and the iris scanner, the rest is the same in the S7 Edge.  The Note 7 stood out due to the Blue Coral paint job on it, but you can buy the S7 Edge very soon in the same snazzy color option, alongside the usual options available.

Galaxy S7 Edge Blue Coral on Verizon

In Short

In short, the S7 Edge Blue Coral from Samsung Galaxy will be launched on the 5th of November in Singapore. However, the date is only for the Singapore region and it is not known when it will be released in the US. It is also not clear whether the same Blue Coral color option will be available for the S7 device. The phone will be available in the 32 GB version and will be on sale in Singapore with the price tag of SGD 1098 or US$787.

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