Samsung Launches Mobile Payment Service for Android : Samsung Pay Mini

Samsung Pay

The Samsung Pay Mini service is officially available for making mobile payments through Android smartphones.

Samsung has been developing this mobile payment service for the past few months, stripping down the earlier version of Samsung Pay.

Samsung Pay Mini

Samsung Pay offers a service for making mobile payments in a secure platform. It can be made at the participating shops and other sale points. Originally, the service was useful only for Samsung phones, but it has now moved on to all supported Android smartphones.

Only for Android

Earlier, it was believed that this payment service would also be available for iOS devices. However, it was later known that Apple has not accepted the Samsung Pay Mini application for the iOS. Samsung did not submit its app again after the first rejection by Apple.

Samsung Pay Stripped Down

The Samsung Pay Mini is a stripped down or toned down version of the Samsung Pay. It is an app that can be used for processing online payment alone. The app has been launched officially today, with the service initially being available for South Korea in the first quarter of this year. The major difference between the Samsung Pay and the Samsung Pay Mini is that the stripped down version can only handle payments that are made online. You cannot use the app for making an in store payment.

Samsung Pay Mini Payments

All Android Phones

However, the service is not limited to only Samsung devices or smartphones. The payment can be made through Samsung Pay Mini app with any other Android phone, having a resolution of 1280 x 720 p or higher, running on any Android version that is either Lollipop version 5.0 or later ones. All the supported Android smartphones will be supported by the Samsung Pay Mini app.

Payment Services

All supported Android smartphones can make use of the Samsung Pay Mini for payments related to lifestyle or membership and also transportation. Apart from the online payment, users can also make any offline payment using the app, but they have to make use of a compatible Samsung phone. This is because Samsung Pay Mini does not support offline payment as of now. There is also another service related to shopping offering rewards for those using the Samsung Pay Mini, in case of users who shop in South Korea.

Pre Trial Testing

The service will first go through a pre trial testing conducted by the company on the 6th of February, using the Samsung Card. Anyone in South Korea possessing the Samsung card can download the trial app version from the Play Store on their Android phones.

Samsung Pay

The Samsung Pay Mini app will soon be available in other regions as well, apart from South Korea. However, there is no confirmation regarding the dates for such a release or launch. As of now, Samsung does not make any profits from the user transactions of the Samsung Pay service, but it is offering users a convenient service and hopes that this service will encourage users to make use of Samsung products.

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