Samsung Makes a Blunder with Galaxy S8 that Might Favor Apple iPhone 8

Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S8 is the next flagship phone to beat Apple iPhone 8 but the company is committing a blunder, if we are to go by the latest updates.

In an attempt to try outdo their competitor, every technology company is doing whatever upgrade they could. Motorola brought in mods for Moto Z phones, Samsung has stylus for its Note even though it was discontinued and Apple courageously removed the headphone jack. The stakes are going to become much bigger in 2017 when Samsung will unveil their big flagship Galaxy S8 that just might annoy their long time fans.

A post from Android Police suggests that the new phone will for the first time get rid of physical buttons. There is the home button that has been around since smartphones were brought in by Apple. But, Samsung will remove them and instead bring in 3D touch functionality to the onscreen buttons. They will be the only point of contact for people to use their phones and when the home button is removed, obviously the fingerprint scanner will be pushed to the rear end.

Galaxy S8

Why is this a blunder? Without a home button, the screen will probably be edge to edge. A bezel-less screen is great on paper but handling a phone that has nothing but a touchscreen on its front is exceptionally difficult. You might accidentally press the icons, delete one or it might become more complicated in tough weather conditions.

Another practical issue is that in order to make it a full sized screen, Samsung Galaxy S8 should get rid of the headphone jack just like the Apple iPhone 7. It is the only way to make it bezel-less which in turn will once again annoy a lot of users as lots of high end headphones and IEMs become useless without an adapter.

Moving the fingerprint sensor to the back with a SenseID system provided by Qualcomm is an upgrade Samsung can’t avoid. But, given the size of the phone and with majority of them used to front touch sensor, this will make it tough to get used to the completely new phone. Galaxy S8 may still prove to be a success for Samsung but Apple iPhone 8 will fare much better because of these blunders. It’s a high possibility as Apple has already removed the headphone jack, still has the home button and if they have new impressive tech, they can win over their competitor in the smartphone 2017 race.

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