HTC Clarifies the Hearsay Talk about the Launch of the HTC Vive 2 at the CES 2017

HTC Vive 2 Launch

The HTC Vive 2 is expected to be announced at the upcoming CES 2017 event that is to be held in Las Vegas in the first week of Jan 2017.

The suspense revolving around the launch of this wireless version of the former mobile model seems to be getting to the nerves of the people. The question is, will there be any news about the HTC Vive 2 at the prestigious annual event?

HTC Vive 2 Launch

According to a report from a Taipei based news agency, the HTC Vive 2 will be supposedly unveiled by HTC at the CES 2017 event. The report had further described the HTC Vive 2 as a second-generation VR headset which will be using a wireless transmitter to connect to the PCs. The company has started taking preorders in order to offer the same feature to the current model of HTC Vive, especially for the users who wish to avoid their VR headset cables, by utilizing the upgrade kit which is likely to cost them around $220.

The HTC Vive 2 will be arriving with a pair of 4K displays and with an improved 120 Hz monitor refresh rate instead of the old 90 Hz as in the current model. Recently, it was announced in the US that the VR headset will be given a discount of $100 and by mirroring that deal in China, the HTC Vive was given away with a 10% discount on its price. This discount was given with the aim of penetrating the Chinese market and to pave way for the entry of the new HTC Vive 2.

HTC’s Response to the Rumors

According to reports, a statement has been issued directly to Upload VR by HTC, which said that the rumors were false and that the HTC Vive 2 will not be unveiled at the CES 2017. HTC had also said that the company is currently focusing on growing the virtual reality scenario for the HTC Vive, by keeping in mind the potential and also the current users of the VR system. The rumor, which has now been debunked, is not baseless, since in the previous CES events, HTC had showcased its developing kits for the HTC Vive. Also, the statements made by the company did not mean that it will back off from the event since HTC has already confirmed its attendance. There is a possibility that the company could announce new features and software updates for the HTC Vive, instead of unveiling the HTC Vive 2.

HTC Vive 2 Launch

Rumored Specs of the HTC Vive 2 – Is it For Real?

A deeper look into the leaked specs of the HTC Vive 2 has already cast a serious doubt on the unmasked rumor. While the wireless connections are still possible and could prove to be a convenient feature, the upgrade in the display and the headset resolution at 2160 x 1200 with 90 Hz dual screens that is expected to offer sharp and smooth graphics, already seem to be next to impossible with the current form of technology.

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