Samsung has a New 5,100 mAh Fast Charging Battery Pack for Sale

Samsung 5,100 mAh Fast Charging Battery

Aimed at buyers who already own a Samsung Galaxy S8 or the S8 Plus flagship smartphone, the company has released a pretty large battery pack which offers about 5,100 mAh power that should be more than enough to bring the phone to full power again.

For a very long time, buyers have been consistently wanting smartphone manufacturers to build phones that would last more than a day. If any phone could run more than two days or so, it would be a welcome addition to the devices people own today. But, companies want you to rely on battery packs and charge your smartphone on the go when it suddenly runs out of power.

Samsung Fast Charging Battery for Sale

The latest Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus are still in its early stages but there are no prominent complaints on it. These phones have been selling like hotcakes around the globe and many regions are still waiting to get their hands on the most amazing smartphone of the generation. It still lacks in terms of battery capacity and would last a day at the most before you have to hit the plug.

The company has announced the new battery pack which will cost about $59.99 and you get a decent 5,100 mAh battery. Good news is, it also supports fast charging and there is no need get to an electric power plug to get the job done. The portable pack comes bundled with two USB ports, one is a normal USB cable while the other one is a smaller and more advanced USB Type C cable found in newer phones.

Compared to the older cable, this one is much better as the Type C works seamlessly and doesn’t have issues irrespective of the side you choose to plug it in. there is a micro USB to USB cable adapter for the smaller phones and another adapter that connects micro USB cable to the Type C cable.Samsung 5,100 mAh Fast Charging Battery

In order to make it easy to find the charge left in this huge portable battery pack, Samsung has included a LED bar that shows how much power is left in it. A convenient strap also makes it easy to carry it around without having to lose it in a crowd or avoid fumbling to find it in your large backpack. Not all devices will support Samsung Fast charging and for those that doesn’t have the option, the battery will charge with 2A output at normal speeds.

Users will be able to buy it in navy or gray colored variants in the United States for $60.