Rumor: Google Nexus 7 and Nexus 9 could get Replacements this Year

Google Nexus 7 2016

The latest tablet from Google is the Pixel C and this was released in 2015, however, latest rumors claim that the search engine giant could silently be working on replacements for the Google Nexus 7 and Nexus 9 tablets.

It is not the first time rumors about a possible replacement for the Google Nexus 7 are showing up. In fact, stories surrounding the Nexus 7 have been here for years now and they got even stronger a few months ago just before the release of the Google Pixel and Pixel XL phones.

When Google shifted attention from Nexus to Pixel, it was also thought that the tech giant will be dropping the idea of a refreshed Google Nexus 7, but the stories are once again showing up as we get closer to this year’s I/O event. So far, we know that Google has three devices in development dubbed Muskie, Walleye and Taimen. In addition, we also know that two of these devices will succeed the Pixel and Pixel XL, but the details of the third device – Taimen – are still unclear. If anything, this is the source of the rumored Google Nexus 7 2017.

According to new developments, the Pixel XXL will be the one to succeed the Google Nexus 7. With Samsung having just released a Galaxy Tab S3 tablet with high-end specs, the alleged Nexus 7 2017 has also been confirmed to ship with this year’s Snapdragon 835, which will be quite hard to beat in the slate market. We don’t know about other details apart from the fact that this device will also be powered by Android O out of the box.

At the upcoming Google I/O 2017 event, many are adamant that the tech giant will shed some light on these devices, although it’s not usual for the event to be used for hardware products. As noted earlier, rumors about the Google Nexus 7 are not new, but what’s interesting in the latest development concerns the Nexus 9.

Nexus 7 Rebranded as Pixel 7

This device was released in 2014 and apparently, the tech giant is silently working on a replacement. According to a report by Android Police, there’s a new Moto tablet in the works. If anything, this is Lenovo’s answer to Samsung Galaxy Tab S3, Apple’s iPad as well as Microsoft’s Surface Pro lineup. On the contrary, other sections believe that this could be the unofficial replacement unit for the Google Nexus 9.

It goes without saying that Motorola has worked with Google before on matters Nexus and it wouldn’t be a surprise if this rumor turns out true. Furthermore, the fact that the rumored Moto tablet is between 9 and 10 inches in size adds more weight to this rumor, but since neither Lenovo, the current owner of the Moto brand, nor Google have spoken, it’s better to take these stories with a grain of salt.

As for the Pixel XXL (Taimen) or rather the Google Nexus 7 successor, it is believed that it has 6+ inches of display, a description that perfectly fits with the 2013 Nexus, which has a 7-inch display screen. Hopefully, Google will shed some light on these developments at the I/O event that begins next week.