All Samsung Phones to come Preinstalled with Samsung Pay Starting 2017

Samsung Pay

Samsung Pay is one of the few popular mobile payment systems out there, but the service has only been limited to a few Samsung Galaxy phones ever since it was launched.

However, starting next year, all Samsung Galaxy phones, be it flagships, midrangers or even low-end phones, will come with the Samsung Pay app preinstalled out of the box. This is good news for Sammy users out there, especially since the company has a huge number of devices it sells as midrange and low-end phones, yet only a handful of them come with support for this service.

The report comes from a South Korean publication, citing an unnamed Samsung official as the source of this information. With the likes of Samsung Galaxy J series now getting support fingerprint scanning, a feature that plays well when it comes to authenticating Samsung Pay transactions.

It is just over a year since Samsung Pay made its debut to the world, but back then, the service was only available to those using Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and the Galaxy S6 Edge+ and as at the time of this writing, the service can only be used in about 7 countries across the globe, including the U.S., China, and South Korea. Those in Russia, Malaysia and Thailand can expect to have it before this year ends.

Samsung Pay

In addition to spreading the wings of Samsung Pay to all of its phones, the South Korean tech giant has also launched a Samsung Pay Mini app that is meant to bring this service to non-Samsung devices, including Apple’s iPhone. Where the Mini version of the app will be targeting the online community, the original version will be taking care of the offline market.

Despite the efforts of Samsung to bring Samsung Pay to all mobile devices via the Mini app, Apple has reportedly rejected the idea of having the app in the iTunes App Store. This is for obvious reasons – Apple already has Apple Pay and allowing Samsung Pay Mini on board will mean more competition for Cupertino, something the company is looking to avoid, especially since Apple Pay service is still growing its user base.

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