Switch from AT&T to T-Mobile and Get a Year of DirecTV Now Service for Free

DirecTV Now

T-Mobile has a great offer for those who feel AT&T is not doing them any favors as a carrier. This Thursday morning, the giant American carrier announced that it will be offering those who switch from AT&T to T-Mobile a full year of free DirecTV Now streaming services starting this Friday.

There’s humor in this announcement and you will for sure love it. Apparently, AT&T recently acquired DirecTV and in fact, DirecTV Now streaming TV service is the latest offering from the platform. However, T-Mobile has limited the offer to those who will be willing to port two numbers over from AT&T while at the same time signing up for the carrier’s T-Mobile One plan, which has at least two lines.

Keep in mind that this offer only takes into account the base DirecTV Now plan, meaning you end up getting a $35 monthly credit on your bill for a full year, making it a total of $420. This basic plan for the TV streaming service has more than 100 live TV channels, all of which can be streamed to any device, not leaving behind T-Mobile phones. The bad side of the story is that T-Mobile will throttle the DirecTV Now streaming service to a resolution of 480p, something that many won’t be happy about.

DirecTV Now

AT&T has more than 110 million customers in the U.S. and according to T-Mobile’s John Legere, the giant carrier has a lot on its hands that it has completely forgotten how to take care of its most valued assets. The Un-carrier also promises to deliver better, faster LTE network to those who switch from AT&T. Even though AT&T now owns DirecT TV, the CEO of T-Mobile adds that this service is still available on T-Mobile through DirecTV Now and DirecTV apps.

With this move, those who ditch AT&T will be able to save $420 while at the same time enjoy TV streaming services on a network that offers more advanced and faster LTE connectivity.

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