Samsung Releases Pro Version of Samsung Galaxy J2 (2016)

Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro

Samsung has recently been coming out with Pro versions of many of its entry-level smartphones.

The Samsung Galaxy J2 (2016) is regarded as one of the finest entry-level smartphones currently on the market today. It is the latest to receive the Pro makeover. In the past, the Pro makeover has largely aided performance of the device through some minor improvements. It is the same case with the Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro (2016).

The basic version of the device brings some decent specifications in almost every area. This specifically includes the display department where a 5-inch screen is called upon to do the work. This super AMOLED screen may struggle with a few issues with regard to brightness especially in direct sunlight, but it is more than adequate to do the job on an entry-level device like the Samsung Galaxy J2(2016). There are no changes in this department on the Pro version. The display does not offer 1080p resolution like some of the higher end phones. Instead, it sticks with the same 720p resolution as seen in the normal version.

Samsung Galaxy J2

A quad core 1.5 GHz processor should be considered as being fast enough to run most applications without any hiccups. It is also sufficiently fast enough to run the android 6.0 operating system. Thus, the Samsung Galaxy J2 (2016) became one of the first entry-level devices to support this operating system. The pro version does not seem to make any changes with regard to processor. However, the device will be slightly faster than the basic version since it improves the RAM quotient. The standard Samsung Galaxy J2 (2016) comes with 1.5 GB of RAM, which is considered as being the basic necessity for a device to handle several applications at once.

The 1.5 GB of RAM, though, is not the biggest in the world and the phone is prone to struggles when running high end applications. The pro version solves this problem by offering 2 GB of RAM as standard. Meanwhile, internal storage is also improved to 16 GB, which is likely to make the user a lot happier than in the standard version. Only 8 GB is present on the standard Samsung Galaxy J2 (2016) and this is certainly not sufficient in today’s standards. Other aspects of the device like the 2600 mAh battery are likely to remain similar. The phone is available with gold, black, and silver colors.

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