Samsung Resumes Out of Warranty Repairs for Galaxy Phones and Gears

Samsung Galaxy Out of Warranty Repairs

If you have ever been denied a chance to repair your broken or damaged Samsung Galaxy phone or Samsung Gear at any of the company’s centers due to warranty issues, well, this is no more.

According to the South Korean tech giant, the Out of Warranty program that had been discontinued for whatever reason has now resumed. This means that all people who own a Samsung Galaxy phone or Gear and are already past the one-year warranty period can still get repair services from Samsung technicians.

Samsung has stopped the program a while ago, which meant that if you had owned a Galaxy phone for over a year and it ends up being broken or cracking the screen in a way, you could only seek help from third-party technicians. Now that Samsung is bringing back the Out of Warranty program, it shows how much the company is committed to giving the best to its loyal customers. Still, this doesn’t mean that you will be getting the services for free.

As you may know, broken screens and other human-induced damages are not covered by Samsung’s warranty. This has meant that anyone who ends up with a broken screen on a device that is still under the warranty period didn’t get help from a Samsung service center, even for a fee. Well, say goodbye to this limitation and just in case you need your Samsung Galaxy phone or Gear to be looked at, simply call Samsung’s support or visit the official support website.

Samsung Galaxy Out of Warranty Repairs

The decision to reverse its earlier stand comes at a time when the tech giant is looking for almost every means to recover some of the cash lost through the dead Samsung Galaxy Note 7. But it also eliminates the hassles that users had to go through when trying to get their Samsung phones repaired, which included the risks of being sold fake spare parts.


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