Samsung S7 Edge Olympic Themed Smartphone – Officially Released on July 18th- The Best of Souvenirs

Samsung S7 Edge

The limited edition the of S7 Edge, Olympic Games version, will officially be out on the 18th of July.

There were some leaks in the past weeks regarding the official release of this version and it has finally been made official now. There were also several renders leaked and the final product looks similar to the depictions. The price of the new phone has not yet been announced, but it will surely not come cheap.

Boasting the Olympic Theme

There are a lot of products and games related merchandise that boast the Rio 2016 Olympics theme, such as T shirts and Mascot toys, cups and magnets and so on. However, Samsung has announced the best among these souvenirs, by offering 12,500 limited edition phones, the S7 Edge with the Olympic theme. Along with this, the company is also offering Gear IconX for all participating in the Olympics.

Olympic Colors

The Games version of the S7 Edge comes with a customized colorway pattern, including the five colors present in the Olympic Rings. The phone is black in color, though there are yellow tinges in the front, red as well as green tinges on the two dies and the black tinge on the rear. The Home button and the speaker on the front have a yellow outline. The volume button is in green and the button for power is in red. The camera on the rear as well as the flash has a blue frame. This way, the device covers all the colors of the Olympics.

Samsung S7 Edge Olympic

Special Effects

There are also other special features inspired by the Olympic Games. It has unique wallpapers with the Olympic theme. The user interface also offers an Olympic Games theme. This includes the theme for the lock screen, the home screen, message dialing and contact screen along with the notification page. The device will come preinstalled with the Rio 2016 application.

As far as the internal specifications of the device are concerned, there is no change from the regular S7 edge, which was released some months ago.

Phone for Athletes

All the athletes who are competing during the Olympics in 2016 in Rio will be offered the new Olympic Games version, which is a limited edition. Along with the phone, they will also receive one pair of wireless earbuds, the Gear IconX. However, for the rest of the world, there will be a limited edition of the Olympic Games version smartphone. It can be purchased from the 18th of July in selected countries, namely, the US and Brazil as well as China, Germany and Samsung’s home ground, Korea.

Sharing Experiences

Thomas Bach, the President of the IOC said that the giveaway phones by Samsung would allow all the athletes participating in the Games to connect easily with their friends and their family as well as fans. They will be better able to share the amazing experiences of the Games with them.

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