Samsung Teases Galaxy S8 Specs and Features Ahead of 2017 Release

Samsung Galaxy S8

In less than six months, Samsung Galaxy S8 will be ready for purchase from official retailers. The phone is expected to be announced at the MWC 2017 event that is scheduled to start on February 27th.

If this year’s release plan is followed, the Galaxy S8 should be announced a day before the main event begins in Barcelona. Even though the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco is still fresh in every Samsung fans’ mind, the company is already touting what enthusiasts can expect from the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8.

Just this month, Samsung confirmed that it will be buying Viv Labs, an AI-based firm who founders are responsible for building Apple’s Siri, another AI-based assistant that lives in iPhones. This could only mean one thing – that Apple wants to step up its game in the AI world. Apparently, this should start with the Galaxy S8 thanks to the confirmation that the flagship will come with artificial intelligence services.

This information came from Samsung’s VP of mobile communications, who also adds that the Galaxy S8 will also come with a slick design as well as an enhanced camera. Even though Lee Kyeong-Tae did not shed more light on the S8 features, it is clear that Samsung will do everything possible to undo what the Galaxy Note 7 has done.

Samsung Galaxy S8

Speaking of the Galaxy Note 7, the company has not yet hit the bottom of what was really causing the phone to explode. However, this shouldn’t affect the production of the Galaxy S8 in any case, even though it had been claimed that the process may delay for up to two weeks. Still, the findings from the Galaxy Note 7 case are what the company needs in order to ensure the same doesn’t happen again when the Galaxy S8 is released.

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