Samsung to Widen the Lead with Y OCTA Screen Technology for Galaxy S8 – Note 7 Lives On

Samsung Galaxy S8

It is rumored that Samsung will use the Y OCTA technology for the Galaxy S8 display screen, which was also used for the ill fated Galaxy Note 7. 

This could mean that the company might succeed in widening the lead among flagship devices.

Samsung Galaxy S8

Best Screens

With the release of the Galaxy S8, it seems safe to assume that the next generation of Samsung Galaxy smartphones will widen the lead among the competition. There is no other manufacturer capable of touching Samsung in the display aspect. The Super AMOLED display of Samsung features amazing 2K resolution and offers vivid clarity combined with excellent color reproductions.

Next Year Release

Rumors about the Galaxy Note 8 and the Galaxy S8 suggest that the resolution of the display might remain the same for both the devices. There will be a jump from the 2K resolution to a 4K one, but the main area to note is the VR, as 4K screens can offer a lot to it.

Y OCTA Technology

There are reports stating that the company is attempting to make improvements to its display in some areas. ET News, a tech news website based in South Korea, claims that Samsung will make use of the next gen of panels featuring enhanced display abilities along with the Y OCTA technology. The new technology was first seen on the unfortunate Galaxy Note 7. Despite the debacle of the device, the Galaxy Note 7 still had one of the best screens seen on a smartphone.

The Y OCTA technology will allow the company to embed the touch sensor within the display panels and not remain as a separate layer, as is seen commonly. This will result in a slimmer panel and also better sensitivity to touch. This is one of the aspects where the display will be enhanced.

Fingerprint Scanner

The physical home button will be gone and there will be the fingerprint scanner beneath its display panel. This is the set up that is also expected in the next generation Apple smartphone, the iPhone 8.

Galaxy Note 7 Features Live On

The ill fated, Galaxy Note 7 came with an advanced Y OCTA technology for its screen display. It initially launched to resounding success and the company had manufactured more than five million of the devices to release them in August 2016. All of them were sold out and there was three week delays in case of those who had placed their orders. The company even went on to offer a Black Onyx option after seeing the popularity of the Jet Black iPhone 7 Plus from Apple. However, this was never released as the incendiary device was globally recalled.

The was the first to use the Y OCTA screen display technology, where touch sensors are fixed on the display during the manufacturer, offering a slim display. It is now rumored that the same Y OCTA technology will also be incorporated for the new flagship device, the Samsung Galaxy S8 to be released in February 2017. Despite the recall, the Note 7 continues to live on.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

ET News

According to ET News, the company will use this new technology in at least one of the versions of the upcoming Galaxy S8. The source also states that the new technology will only be used for the smaller variant, coming with a Quad HD, Super AMOLED screen display of 5.7 inches and having a fingerprint sensor embedded in the display.

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