Samsung is Working on a Foldable Smartphone, Expected to be Revealed at IFA 2017

Samsung foldable phone

Foldable phones are coveted in the smartphone industry.

Samsung has been working on one such display for a long time and new rumors indicate it could possibly be close to an official reveal.

Samsung Foldable Smartphone

Bendable and foldable displays are always repeatedly showcased during the Consumer Electronics Show among other technology events. Based on the information available now, Samsung could be the first to kickstart competition by launching smartphones with foldable displays. Just a month ago, it was speculated that the company is planning to launch two different devices. The possible launch date for these devices is the IFA 2017 which is scheduled to take place in the third quarter of 2017.

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LG demonstrated a foldable television which had a carpet like design and could display videos in high definition clarity. Besides being space saving, the design was very subtle and portable as a person could actually carry their television to any room in the household or even to a different place during a trip. Such conveniences are multiplied when foldable displays are introduced for smartphones.

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The rumor emerges from a website named ET News. While the website has a reputation for being able to offer news that sometimes are plain rumors, they do have a track record of predicting some big launches in the past. Based on the reputation the source has, Samsung could indeed launch two different devices. One of them could have foldable display or maybe both smartphones could be different models with the latest displays that can be carried without the fear of breaking the screen.

When it comes to mainstream market, Samsung’s foldable display phones are expected to be shatter proof because of their rubber finish. Gorilla Glass has come a long way and the company may start making foldable glasses as well that could change the way smartphones work now. With LG, Apple and other top companies showing keen interest in making such displays, it won’t be long before stores are flooded with these compact, easy-to-use displays. Samsung experimented with Galaxy Edge which worked to a great extent and they might possibly change history once again with a flagship foldable model at IFA 2017.

Samsung foldable phone

The IFA event is scheduled to take place in Berlin on September 1st and it’s going to be huge if Samsung makes the announcement as rumored. And, let’s hope it won’t have any battery issues and works as promised which should lead to widespread adoption of foldable smartphones.

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