Samsung’s Patent Filings for a Foldable Smartphone Reveal Radical but Cool Changes

Samsung Galaxy X

Samsung Galaxy handsets from 2018 and beyond are expected to have foldable smartphone designs. In fact, it has been touted that the rumored Samsung Galaxy X could lead the way in terms of this technology, with some pundits pointing at a 2017 launch for this type of smartphone.

Now, in a new Samsung patent discovered by Patently Mobile, it appears that Samsung has some radical changes coming in for the smartphone industry. In the design, Samsung seems to be working on a foldable smartphone that can be rolled like a newspaper and has a book-like design with one side featuring a curved edge, an emulation of what the company had on the 2014 Samsung Galaxy Note Edge.

The filings also point towards the inclusion of a fingerprint scanner on the device, meaning that the patent for the unknown device won’t stray away from the handheld world. The biometric sensors will be used to prevent the device from being scrolled, just in case it is still locked. To add more security and privacy to the foldable smartphone, Samsung will reportedly use the likes of face, voice, retina and even vein distribution to secure the devices.

Samsung foldable smartphone

There is nowhere it has been pointed out that the leaked patents are meant for smartphones, but the fact that features such as fingerprint scanning and touch displays are present is an indicator that this will be a handheld device that is not just limited to smartphones.

Be reminded that it is not the first time Samsung has filed for such patents. In fact, it has been doing so since 2009 and so far, no product has come in with such a screen in use. In short, there is no guarantee that this recent patent filing will mean a foldable Samsung Galaxy phone is in the making for a release in the near future, but as noted at the beginning, this technology should start appearing on Sammy phones as from 2018 onwards.

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