Samsung is Working on Galaxy X Foldable Smartphone to Rival Apple iPhone X

Samsung Galaxy X Foldable Smartphone to Rival Apple iPhone X

Samsung is reportedly working on a Galaxy X foldable smartphone to directly rival the Apple iPhone X and to strengthen their position in the Android market.

The company’s decision remains undisclosed at the moment but many tech experts claimed they were questioned about a foldable OLED smartphone at CES 2018.

With the Mobile World Congress 2018 just around the corner, Samsung is expected to talk more about future technology and what they have planned for the world of smartphones. The brand’s top executives are probably going to focus entirely on the Samsung Galaxy S9 and the Galaxy S9 Plus smartphones because they are about to get launched before the big event. During the event, they might talk about the innovative ideas that are brewing in their manufacturing plant.


The company recently submitted their fiscal reports and it is doing well in the smartphone industry. Things seem great for Samsung in terms of sales but the overall profit is gradually declining as the market is saturated and convincing people to buy new devices is harder than ever. The right way to go is to usher in innovation which is what the rumored Galaxy X smartphone aims to achieve. The company wants to differentiate itself from the rest of the competitionby focusing on foldable displays that will allow them to make relatively large phones.

Inside sources claim that the Samsung Galaxy X smartphone will feature a large 7.3-inchOLED display which will be foldable. The designers plan to focus on phones that you can flip open or close similar to wallets. Besides, creating displays and hardware that fold is much easier compared to displays that you could roll like a carpet. LG is attempting such a feat but bringing it to the mainstream market might take a very long time.

Samsung is Working on Galaxy X Foldable Smartphone to Rival Apple iPhone X

The rumored Galaxy S will double up both as a tablet and a smartphone. When folded, it becomes compact and easy to handle in one hand while the full 7.3-inch display will convert it into a tablet with a much bigger screen. The device will not only rival Apple iPhone X but will also go way beyond the conventional smartphones making Samsung a leading player in the smartphone market. Foldable displays might get launched as early as 2019 as they are technically feasible whereas flexible displays are a completely different technology which may not debut for the next few years. MWC 2018 might witness Samsung discussing about their foldable Galaxy phone.

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