Slash Drops Standalone App on Watch,Is Apple Watch Dying?

Slash Drops Standalone App on Watch,Is Apple Watch

The only big player in the market is Apple Watch while similar smartwatches from Tag Heuerand other fashion brands have went on to become accessories.

A lot of dedicated, third party apps were released on Apple Watch on launch day but almost all of them have dropped support. Slack joins the bandwagon now.

In the last few months, major brands like Google, Amazon and eBay dropped support for the Apple Watch as they strongly opined that it doesn’t add any value to their customers except providing notifications. Slack joins the list as the developers in their blog confirmed that they will no longer be actively developing an app for the smart watch. Instead, the development team is planning on focusing all their efforts in the iOS app so as to provide a better user experience.

Slash Drops Standalone App on Watch,Is Apple Watch Dying

An update for the iOS app has been rolled out today to make sure all Apple Watch users are not left behind.Users will be able to still receive rich notifications on their watch so that they stay in the loop and know what’s going on. The enterprise-grade communication app is used by majority of organizations around the globe and makes it easy to keep in touch with team members.

While an Android and iOS version of the app makes sense, there is no use for Slack to run a full app on the small screened watch as it adds no value to its customers. At this point, it is also to be noted that major players including Google, eBay, Amazon, Target and Whole Food have removed their apps from the App store. These apps were rolled out immediately when Apple Watch 1 was launched but later the developers realized the small screen offers nothing more than a notification panel for the iPhone.

Apple Watch Dying

Twitter ended its support for Apple Watch in the month of September last year and with almost all major players stopping development for the same, it looks like the Watch is dying even though fans might say otherwise. Windows Phone witnessed a similar fate in the past when every app developer slowly quit the store and a smart watch may witness the same fate.

Google Wear is trying to push it into mainstream market but their major focus is now on Google Wear as well as virtual reality. Apple Watch is no different as they are keen on iPhone X and the watch might remain as an expensive accessory to receive notifications until Apple stops production.

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