Samsung’s C5 and C7 All Metal Phones Now in China – Expecting Early Release in Other Markets as Well

Samsung Galaxy C5

The C5 and the C7 are two of the latest phones from Samsung Galaxy, now available in China. These are all metal phones coming with interesting features.

Price and Color Options

The C5 can be purchased from the company’s online store at a cost of CNY 2200 in case of the 32 GB variant and CNY 2400 for the higher 64 GB variant. This comes to around $335 for the C5 32 GB version and $365 for the 64 GB variant.  The C7 is priced at around $396 in case of the 32 GB version and around $427 for the 64 GB variant. There are different color options as well, with Gold or Rose Gold along with Silver or Grey colors. However, the C7 is not yet available to purchase online from the company store but you can purchase them from other local retailers.

Promo Offer

The company is also offering a promo for a short window up to the 30th of June. Buyers purchasing the phone within this time will receive one free micro SD card for 64 GB and also a transparent case for protecting the device.

Top Specs

The C series from Samsung Galaxy comes in a unibody metal frame and has a screen size of 5.2 inches for the C5 and 5.7 inches for the C7. Both the screens have a resolution of 1080 pixels and the display technology is Full HD, with Super AMOLED screen.  The Snapdragon chip, with an octa core processor, powers the phone. This has been combined with a RAM of 4 GB. AS for the software, it comes with Android Marshmallow, 6.0.1 version. The C5 has a battery of 2600 mAh and the C7 is powered at 3300 mAh.

Samsung Galaxy C7

The selfie or front camera has a resolution of 8 MP and the primary or rear camera has a resolution of 16 MP with 1080 pixel resolution.

The phones are slim in build, with the C5 at 6.7 mm and the C7 at 6.8 mm. They also have the Samsung Pay feature and this can be combined to work with AliPay, which is a local payment service. The devices can also work along with the UHQA audio.

Release in Other Markets

Though it is nearly a month since the unveiling of the two phones, the C5 and the C7, there is no sign of its releasing in other markets outside China. Earlier, it was stated that the devices are meant exclusively for fans of the company in China.

As other top end devices of Samsung, such as the J series and the A series have fared well in other markets, it seems that the C5 and the C7 will also soon make an entry into other markets. It is likely that the C5 and the C7 will be made available in other markets before the next big device of the company gets released, namely, the Note 7.

The two devices have also received clearance from the FCC, so they may also enter the markets in the US very soon.

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