Steam Summer Sale 2016 – The Best RPG and Mac Games You Shouldn’t Miss

Steam Summer Sale 2016

For those of you who are wondering if you read it right, you actually did! The Steam Summer Sale 2016 is on and we bring the best RPG titles along with the most popular Mac games that you shouldn’t miss this season.

Is Macintosh actually a gaming platform? The simple answer is no. However, RPGs and games that are available on the Mac platform are usually underrated. While most buyers simply go with a Call of Duty or Fallout without thinking much, RPG titles have much more shelf life similar to strategy games. And, there are millions of users around the globe who own a Mac and there are actually some good games to buy in it.

Best of RPG

Firewatch is a worthy selection priced at $13.39 with a cool 33% discount. The game is all about reaching the person in a radio tour while exploring the beautiful yet scary wilderness. It is a dense jungle and you only have the voice on the other end to guide you. At $24.99, Witcher 3 Wild Hunt is an easy buy if you haven’t purchased it yet. Not everyone can enjoy a game of Civilization V because it is totally different from the regular RPG titles. The complete edition at just $12.27 is a steal because the actual cost could go more than $150 without the deal.

Steam Summer Sale

The Steam Summer Sale 2016 is one of the best sales in recent times with hardly anything to complain about. Almost every game is worth the purchase and majority of them are priced so less that you have to think twice about buying it. The only problem is keeping a backlog of titles that you never tried in a long time. Undertale at $6.99 is another worthy RPG to not miss this sale.

Best of Mac

Don’t Starve Together is an easy pick for Mac. An equally good choice is Undertale, Prison Architect and Terraria. All these titles are priced under $5 making them a no brainer for every Mac gamer. After all, the titles available on the Mac platform is less and the best you could do is buy them all for a sweet gaming experience. Bioshock Infinite is just $7.49, Portal is at $2 and the fun adventure title Super Meat Boy at $1.49 makes for a complete bundle. For hardcore gamers, there is Xcom 2 priced at $36. A cheaper option would be Tomb Raider at just $5.

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