Samsung’s Swap Deal Confirms Galaxy Note 8 is Still in the Picture

Samsung Galaxy S8

Not just Samsung fans, but everyone who follows technology and uses a smartphone should also be aware of the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco.

The phone did not manage to last two months on shelves after consumers started experiencing fires when using it or even when the phone is idle. The issue has had a massive impact on the profits of the company, but this hasn’t done a thing to the fact that Samsung is still the leading seller of smartphones in the world. Even though Samsung is planning a bigger comeback with the Galaxy S8, it has to find a future strategy as far as the Note series is concerned.

There has been talk of abandoning the Galaxy Note series as a whole, but given the popularity of the Note range, it won’t be an easy decision to make, just in case. However, the company has been quick to move in with clarifications that the Galaxy Note 8 is still in the picture.

Apparently, the company is lining up a swap deal for the Galaxy Note 7, where those who had bought this device and exchanged it for another Samsung Galaxy phone after the recall will be offered a new 2017 flagship. Samsung is expected to unveil the Galaxy S8 in the first quarter of 2017 and according to reports, this new phone will be part of the swap deal. However, this deal has only been confirmed for the local market in South Korea.

The swap deal doesn’t end with the Galaxy S8. The company also says that anyone who will still be open to a new Galaxy Note 8 will also be allowed into the program, but only when the phone is available. The mentioning of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 in the list of devices that Galaxy Note 7 customers will be able to swap their phones for is enough to suggest that indeed Samsung is not giving up on its most successful smartphone family.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

It is true that restoring the already damaged reputation of the Galaxy Note series will be a huge problem for Samsung, however, the company seems to be ready to face its mistakes and make things right. This should be a welcome move among fans of the Note series, especially when considering that the Galaxy Note 7 had received some impressive reviews before the whole blowing up thing begun.

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