SEGA Genesis Flashback is a New Console with 85 Pre-loaded Games    

SEGA Genesis

Following the phenomenal success of Nintendo Classic, the new SEGA Genesis Flashback is a new console from the popular game developer.

The particular model also supports cartridges so that you can use old ones if you have any.

The particular SEGA Genesis machine is scheduled for launch in the month of September. The people behind the device confirmed that it will include 85 titles pre-loaded into the memory card. Some of the best series classics including Mortal Kombat, Shining Force and Phantasy Star will be bundled within many other titles. It is a trip down the memory lane for people who had the opportunity to buy and play the original Sega machine. Even for newcomers, it should be fun to play titles that is full of fun, less on graphics and doesn’t have any bugs or DLCs to worry about. The game is complete and all you need to do is gather your friends to play it. Simpler times, indeed!

SEGA Genesis Flashback

AT Games had developed the SEGA Genesis Flashback console. The developers are very confident that their machine would offer the best nostalgic experience anyone would expect of such an announcement. Right from the cartridge box, they have worked meticulously to deliver the exact experience they provided many decades ago to old school gamers. The NES Classic Edition tried a similar approach and it worked well, especially with the marketing strategy Nintendo uses every time. They will ensure stocks are limited which allows them to keep it always in demand and sell them rapidly as soon as new stocks arrive.

Bundled with the console are two Genesis inspired 2.4 GHz wireless controllers. With most people owning large HD televisions these days, it is no wonder wireless is an important aspect. You just can’t sit so close to the TV to enjoy the game. The console is also equipped with ports in which classic wired controllers can be plugged in for that experience that no other latest technology could replicate.

SEGA Genesis

An amazing aspect about the newly announced old gen console is that it supports HDMI ports and can output games in full 720p resolution making it look good on a HD screen. The console also has scan line filtering, you can save game progress in individual slots, pause and rewind particular sections in a title so as to skip the cut scenes when you don’t like them. With so many features and a moderate pricing, the SEGA Genesis Flashback could be a super hit when it hits retail stores.

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