SEMA 2016 May Witness Ford’s Custom Mustang and Fusion Cars

2017 Ford Mustang Convertible by Stitchcraft

The SEMA 2016 is a big event known for bringing the most wacky and creative side of automobile manufacturers.

Ford is known for leaving no stones unturned and this time they might bring custom designed Mustangs as well as Fusion models.

2017 Ford Mustang by VMP

It was earlier rumoured that F-150s will find their way to the show floor at the SEMA this year and the latest update confirmed Ford is planning to bring their Ford Fusion and the Mustang cars to the show. A concept version of the 2017 Mustant GT Concept will be showcased at the event. The variant is tweaked by VMP Performance division.

The particular car is fitted with a 2.3-liter TVS supercharger capable of delivering massive 851 horsepower combined with 703 lb feet of torque. The car features matte black wheels adding style to the already powerful model and has design elements inspired by the Air Force. It is designed to be a tribute to those who serve in the Air Force and protect the country.

Next in the line is a drop top concept model which is full of nostalgia and reminds people of the 1990s car. The front fascia of the particular Mustang model is dominated by small, pony grille and the interiors are jet black. The style and substance is properly accentuated with the exterior design. While it is made to appease the 90s buyers, the car has a striking design and is sure to be an instant hit among new age buyers if it finds its way to the dealership stores.

Another car that Ford plans to bring to SEMA 2016 is the Mustang GT concept which is made using the carbon fiber body kit. The car is powered by a 5.0-liter V8 engine and uses Whipple Stage 2 supercharger allowing the model to deliver a total of 825 horsepower. There are carbon ceramic brakes designed to give complete control to the driver and keep this fast car under control.

2017 Ford Mustang Convertible by Stitchcraft

There are more than ten different concept models that Ford will bring to the SEMA 2016 event and all of them are outrageously designed. Some of them are stylish while others more conventional but all models offer the best performance in class. Besides, most of them will not make their way to the stores which allowed the designers to integrate all types of powerful components in the car making them worthy to be showcased at the big auto expo.

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