Pokemon Go Latest Update Brings Two New Features

Pokemon Go

Niantic Labs, developers of Pokemon Go has made the game significantly better by adding two new features.

The same was revealed last week and the team rolled out the update as promised this week much to the delight of gamers.

Pokemon Go Latest Update

With the new update, Pokemon Go now has a brand new catch bonus system. The gym training mode has been tweaked allowing six different pokemons to fight each other. It is fun, addictive and makes the game worthy of your time once again. With the newest version of the game, players will find the option to add new eggs, incubators the status of which will be delivered in an all-new dedicated screen.

The screen will periodically update itself from time to time. It makes it easy for the player to see the distance they have travelled. There is no need to open and close the app repeatedly in order to see the updated screen. It is more of a live display that allows you to easily find whether you are near a Pokemon or not.

According to the developer’s officialblog post, the team has fixed many audio issues related to the game. The developers didn’t specify the number of audio issues they fixed but we assume everything they came across was fixed with the new update. The evolution animation time is now reduced and there are some minor fixes to make the gameplay better. You can read the entire blog if you have the time or probably simply play the game to see how well it has evolved from its earlier version.

Apart from these updates, Niantic labs also teased some of the future changes. Pokemon Go is all set to receive a multiplayer battle mode which should be fun with a couple of friends. The CEO of the company clarified that even though they were keen on bringing the battle mode a long time ago, the idea was to keep things simple. The team wanted to ensure players understood the game before introducing multiple features in it.

Pokemon Go

Catch bonus is a notable feature because the bonus points you earn will vary based on the specific type of pokemon you manage to find. The gym training mode will have creatures with varying points so as to balance the training session. Pokemon Go has come a long way since its original launch and was recently launched in multiple countries in the South African continent.

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