Shadow Warrior 2 Slated for an April or May 2017 Release on PS4 and Xbox One

Shadow Warrior 2 on April 2017

The popular game Shadow Warrior 2 was first made available on PCs in mid-October 2016.

Although the corresponding PS4 and Xbox One versions were delayed to early 2017, this did not take off. However, a recent news release by the Flying Wild Hog development team states that the game will finally be available on these two consoles in either April or May of this year after an originally planned spring release. According to one of the company’s tweets, these versions are still cranking and both of them should hopefully receive approval soon followed by their releases.

shadow warrior 2

The DLC of the PC version of Shadow Warrior 2 presents The Way of the Wang theme in a stunning landscape backdrop and portrays a new feature. There are seven special trials for the gamer playing the role of a formidable warrior Lo Wang to unlock and overcome using weapons like blades and guns. In the course of the game, players will be able to develop new crafting abilities, as well as gain access to various base stat weapon upgrades, armor and weapon gem slots as and when they accomplish each trial. The weaponry has been carefully designed, just as much as the play environment has been made much bigger than its predecessor. Additionally, when all the trials are done with successfully, the warrior is presented with a Fist of Gozu battle axe to help him with his future battles. There are also three very challenging levels with five new achievements to be unlocked.

Shadow Warrior 2 on April 2017

If you are interested in playing the game online, you can pair up as a team of four players in cooperative mode and wage a battle against your opponents. You can also opt to fight your demonic enemy singlehanded.

It is not yet known if this theme will feature in the console versions also when the Shadow Warrior 2 game is launched on them. But, there are very good chances of this inclusion as a bonus for console owners who have been and are still patiently waiting for their favorite game on PS4 and Xbox One.

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