Battlefield 1 All Set to Introduce New Custom Games and Enhancements

Battlefield 1 New Custom Games

With the onset of 2017, the all time favorite Battlefield 1 game is gearing up with more improvements and updates to make it even more enjoyable.

This will include new custom games apart from changes to the overall game.

Battlefield 1

Towards the beginning of the second half of January, gamers can get ready to try out the first custom game of the year called Bleed Out. This is a customized version of the popular Rush game. It is worth noting that knocked out enemy soldiers in Rush are capable of respawning themselves quicker than is usually the case. Additionally, they cannot make use of the regenerative health mechanism. A month later, the actual Battlefield 1 game itself will undergo revamps, which improves the playing experience. These enhancements are being done taking the feedback of players into consideration and also by carrying out stringent testing on the game. While no details are available now, official reports with more details are likely to be available soon. In March, the game is planning to expand on its They Shall Not Pass. Maps, gameplay and a lot more other content are expected to undergo a major expansion in this sub-plot. Developer DICE of Battlefield 1 has released a concept exploration image sighting the design vision that the game has for expanding one of the four maps. All in all, They Shall Not Pass will present a truly all-out war experience with its all new maps, French Army faction and weapons.

Battlefield 1 New Custom Games

One source of inspiration for the theme and settings of the concept exploration images of They Shall Not Pass is from the barrage that takes place in the Battle of Verdun. This volley resulted in intensive forests fire breakouts in the city and nearby battlefields. These fires are spotted by soldiers from quite a distance. The fight that began on a cold February in 1916 in Verdun is portrayed as a nine-month battle entitled The Devil’s Anvil that transformed villages and surrounding forests into mere shadows like representation.Another source is the fiery war waged between the French and the Germans in a maze of dark galleries inside underground corridors located in Fort Vaux. Poisonous gases, flamethrowers and grenades were used for the war.

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