The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs Expansion Pack Will Let You Setup a Vet Clinic

Cats & Dogs Expansion Pack

The developers of the Sims 4, Maxis has always focused on integrating the lives of the sims with that of content they introduce in an expansion pack.

The Cats & Dogs DLC, which is one of the biggest releases in recent times also introduces a brand-new job role. Similar to how sims had the opportunity to become a detective, lawyer among other professions, you can choose to setup your own vet clinic where other sims will bring their beloved cats and dogs to get treated. Your Sim has to work hard to ensure they eventually boost their veterinary skills. They have complete control over how the clinic looks and operates.

It is just like running a new business where you can choose to hire stuff, make them wear unique outfits to attract customers and fire them if they don’t perform well. Players can even choose to train family members so as to reduce money spent on wages and create a friendlier atmosphere for the cats, dogs that are brought in.

Sims 4 Expansion Pack

The vet clinic’s highlight area is the exam table where any pet has to be placed first for further examination. As a doctor, you are not only responsible for the welfare of the pet but also the person who brings it in because they are usually in an emotional turmoil. Any simple issue diagnosed like gilded guts disorder, fleas or advanced swamp mouth can be cured in the same spot.

They will be more than willing to pay you for saving their pets. But, there are situations when a complicated operation has to be carried out. In such a scenario, it is essential to spay, un-spay or neuter, un-neuter pets before they walk out of the vet clinic wearing the cone of shame.

Crafting New Medicines

The developers have included a lot of interesting aspects in the game including the ability to craft your own medicines. You can do it or one of your employee can come up with a medicine which should be stored in the vending machine. They can be sold later for simoleons.

On the whole, it’s a complete experience for the Sims 4 players when they choose to run their own vet clinic. If you really love the Cats & Dogs expansion pack, chances are you would love to start your clinic as well so as to stay busy throughout the day while saving the lives of pets.


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