Skoda Citigo is the First Fully Electric Car from the Brand Set for 2020 Launch

Skoda Citigo 2020 Launch

Skoda debuted the Vision E concept car at the Shanghai Motor Show but it is still in its early concept stage and may take a lot of time to be out in the stores.

The Skoda Citigo is expected to be the first all-electric car from the automobile brand to be available for buyers.

Growing their EV segment has become a mandatory need for every brand in order to cope up with the growing competition. The Vision E concept was consistently teased with sketches, photos and renders before it was finally showcased in the auto show in China. As announced earlier, the company’s boss confirmed that everything is going as planned and the brand will bring in five different electric cars before 2025. That’s still a long way to go but adopting the new powertrain without compromising on performance is demanding that takes time for auto brands to make such cars.

Skoda Citigo

Sharing further details, Bernhard Maier, the brand’s boss added that they expect to make EVs form at least 25 percent of total sales done by Skoda in the coming years. The Vision E built on Volkswagen’s MEB electric architecture was expected to kick off sales and lead the EV race. “We did mention that the Vision E is our first electric car. But, we never said that it is going to be our first production car. The Vision E will be the first model to be built on the MEB platform,” said Christian Strube.

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While Skoda is yet to confirm the same, the Citigo has all the possibilities of being the first fully electric car from the brand’s stable. The car is based on the Volkswagen Up! which with its e-up! Edition can provide a decent 99 mile range powered by 18.7 kWh electric motor. Following close in the lines is SEAT which has an electric version of the Mii model.

Skoda Citigo 2020 Launch

It has also been confirmed in the past by Maier that they are taking time to build the best electric car in the segment and the first one to have any electric component in it will be the Superb plug-in hybrid scheduled for 2019 launch. It is not a full electric car but rather uses the hybrid technology while the full EV Skoda Citigo will be out in early 2020 or possible a year earlier if they manage to complete production in time. Significant changes are being made to the lineup to cope up with changing automobile trends.